Never before…never again

Today at 5:15 a.m. a sad news hit the world of Indian Television. The great Shammi Kapoor was no more. He was admitted to the Breach Candy hospital for the past week and finally passed away today at 5:15 in the morning. Although he was suffering from kidney problems for the past three years, he never let that problem to come in the way of his enjoying of life. He lived his life to the fullest. And I am sure that a lot of the modern film stars honestly took him as an inspiration and role model. Anupam Kher said in one of his tweets that Shammiji was the first person who broke the conventional barriers of acting and gave a new style.

Although I am a long time after his period, but I have seen some of his significant films and I have to say that Shammi Kapoor had no unconventional way of acting and that became his style. From his excitement in Junglee and Kashmir ki Kali to his serious role of Bhagat Singh, he  was a class apart from all the actors in his time. Not to mention the memorable and immortal songs he did with Mohammad Rafi. His voice was Mohammad Rafi. And rightfully so as I doubt that anyone else could have done those songs except Shammiji. Shammi Kapoor is considered the Elvis Presley of India. He once told in interview that he and Rafi used to talk before doing those songs. Shammiji would tell Mohammad Rafi to sing the songs with facial expressions, because he knew that Shammi Kapoor would also act it out in a similar way. The chemistry was at its best in this songs.

After his acting days were over, still he did not went to recluse like many others who do as they discover that their youth in not immortal. He was seen on television on numerous occasions, and drove himself to an award function in Pune on his new car to receive the lifetime achievement award that he was awarded for his amazing contributions to the film industry of India. He almost never ignored someone’s phone call even though he was in hospital.

His son reported on television that tomorrow a last ritual has been arranged in the honor of Shammi Kapoor. Lets us pray to God to bless his soul.

Shammi Kapoor, Rest In Peace. His youth was indeed immortal as will he be in the hearts of his millions of fans and admirers.


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