I present yet another guest post from my friend Sandy. Sandy writes her blog Doodles of a Gypsy. To find out more about her blog and comment on the following post visit here. She was kind enough to write a guest post for this blog.

Perks of being an internal auditor

It honestly took me a couple of days. No, it took me a couple of weeks to finally start a write-up in response to Arnab’s e-mail. He actually asked me to write an article about just anything that I love. For being the “always excited” as I am, I immediately agreed and begged him to give me a week because work was kicking my hips during that time. When the originally one week was almost over, I realized I could not think of anything to write plus my mind was floating up in the air, stressed out because time was just so thin to accommodate things I needed to do. So I asked Arnab to give me another week. Fail! The second week passed over and I had nothing to submit to my friend. Good thing though, Arnab is really considerate.

Suddenly, it dawned on me how lame I am in using my job as an excuse. Why couldn’t I just accept that it is my laziness that caused piles and piles of work that needed to be finished? It was I who is kicking my own hips, not my job or any other things. Thus, this article is a tribute to my profession.

You can see me on my blog page as a doodling gypsy who loves books, food-holic, music enthusiast or even a photographer. But truth be told, I work as an Internal Auditor. Yes, you read it right! I am a person who does internal audits. Wait, I am going to ask Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) to define what Internal Auditing is. Here you go:

“Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.”

My job is tough, yet challenging. I mean, all jobs are, right? However, I would like to share the things I love about my job as far as my experiences are concerned. Thus, allow me to speak in first person.

  • Working with different kinds of creatures. My work requires interviewing, discussions, and reporting to folks of different faces. I ask a client how the processes work, how controls are placed to ensure risks are not taken for granted and things of that nature. Clients who are angelic, monstrous, sweet, terrible, smiling, snob, calm, and etc. are normally part of all in a day’s work.  So my secret? To stretch, stretch and widely stretch my patience. At the end of the day, I declare myself a champion: A woman who has been sharpened by different strokes and levels.
  • Traveling to different places.  Travel bug is reigning in my heart so my feet get itchy to travel to other places and explore. With my job, I could get to travel to the provinces in my country for free and, if time would allow, my teammates and I would sneak out to visit tourist destinations.
  • Exposed to different kinds of learning discipline. Jack-of-all trades, that’s what most people call us. We have to be familiar with company’s both financial and operations aspects in order to understand the nature of the business and provide applicable recommendations. I love being assigned to operations audit, they crack my mind dead to the point of forcing me to study and learn as much as I can. Fyi, I am stubborn when it comes to studying. At least, my mind never gets rusty because of my job. And if there is one thing I consider my saving grace from dumbness? It’s my job.
  • Dancing gracefully under pressure. Our audit engagements are time-bounded. We can only bill our clients according to the agreed number of days we set. Thus, we need to finish our assignment according to the number of days agreed. Here, I have valued more the art of dancing gracefully even under hot pressure.

You see, I am still 14-month old in this profession and I have yet to discover more of its beauty. Technical knowledge is important but it’s the non-quantitative features that keep me from dropping off the bus. Hope you are enjoying whichever career path you are in!

To Arnab: Don’t laugh at me. Yes, I know I’m boring. =P This is your entire fault because you did not give me a topic to talk about. Nonetheless, thanks really for being a friend. It is such a pleasure to be featured in a page, which is acclaimed by many. See you around!


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  1. Arnab. thanks for this! You have no idea how I happy I am to be part to be a guest in this blog page. =)

  2. Your most welcome. 🙂

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