Welcome to ArnabsWebLog. This blog is written and managed by Arnab Ghosh. Arnab is a student from India. Blogging is his hobby and favorite pass time. Although he was very recently introduced to the world of blogging, he was very quickly intrigued by the idea and addicted to it. He posts regularly at Keeping In Touch and ArnabsWebLog. To know more about Keeping In Touch, visit here.

ArnabsWebLog was founded on 28th July 2011 and is a personal blog of Arnab. The contents of this blog is mainly composed of his personal thoughts. Blog posts are also inspired from ideas supplied by The Daily Post. This blog is also a part of the PostADay2012 challenge contested by The Daily Post. Recently Arnab has tried to expand the blog towards different genres by writing occasional personal experiences post, guest posts, etc. All the viewers are always welcomed here. Any thoughts, feedback, tips, post requests, questions or complaints regarding this post is highly encouraged. To do so, please use the comment section at the bottom of every post to express your thoughts.

Feel free to roam as long as you want.


I am sorry if you got annoyed while reading this because I wrote this page in 3rd person but that’s the way I am. 😉


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