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Patrick and Jimmy Visit Mt Chester

Recently, I visited a photography blog Canadian Hiking Photography. I am not sure but I think its the photographs of Patrick Latter which he takes while going hiking on Canadian Mountains. But the post I am talking about is his recent hiking trip to Mt Chester. The shots he has taken are beautiful and talks to the viewers. Its like I am there at the place. Maybe I will someday. In general, I have a weak point inside for the beautiful Canadian topography.  I though that it won’t do justice to the photographs if I just comment “wow that’s an awesome collection” on his post. I think it deserves a separate post of praise.

Maybe when people see the link they will they won’t think that I am naive.

Chester Mountain by Patrick Latter.

A well deserved special to the I am on top of the world pose and the setting sun picture. Just beautiful.


Guest Post: Blog Hobbies

Recently Zarina, a blogger was kind enough to write a guest column. Zarina writes her own art blog at Design Clash. To know more about Zarina, check in here.
So here is the post:

Everyone should have a hobby.

Hobbies are great, everyone should have one. I remember when I was younger I Read the rest of this entry